About VIN Club

VIN Club was established on the 19th of July, 2014 as a private members club and social network site by 11 founding members having a common purpose and objectives. Since its launch, VIN Club has remarkably grown in popularity and is rapidly becoming the quintessential and leading private members club for kindred spirits.

VIN Club is an invite only club and prospective members are carefully selected and vetted thus bringing users the ultimate experience in social networking and enhanced security. We take the privacy of our members very seriously; we therefore have very strict rules around introductions, friend invites and messaging. VIN Club is a private international club for members wanting to build strong social, business and intellectual relationships.

Our community offers members an extraordinary experience which is shared with like-minded people. Other benefits of membership includes, access to the most exclusive events, clubs and restaurants globally, significant discounts form Hotels and Airlines and Shops. From our Places/faces blog, we share experiences of places around the world we have visited, thus giving our members first hand information to help them make their own journey.

We have also partnered with local and international charities with a view of delivering our corporate social responsibilities. Our members have found this giving back a very rewarding and fulfilling experience